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Lifted House/Sony Music

Releases in Chart
Year Week Artist Song Remix Ranking Genre
201229IDA CORRNaughty Girl*****Vocal House
201216STEFFWELL & FREISIGIs This Love ft. ErannBeatchhuggers Remix*****House
201612ALIGATOR FT AEROHeaven Is Falling****Techno
20166CHRIZRun Free****House
201229LYCKAmazing Life****Vocal House
201227REUNITEDSun Is ShiningFunkerman Remix****Vocal House
201212DEEPER PEOPLE FT IJEOMASave The FloorJames Kayn Remix****Trance
20124LUCKY CHARMESGet Outta That Corner****House
201145DEEKLINE & ED SOLOShake The PressureTim Healey Remix****Vocal House
201143DEEKLINE & ED SOLOShake The PressureTim Healey Remix****Vocal House
201142MOSKITU FT LYCKMarbellaMichael Kaye Remix****House
201140OH SNAP!Who Let The Doucebags In?Lazy Ants Remix****Vocal House
201133AVICII & SEBASTIEN DRUMSSnusGreen & Falkner Remix****House
201130AVICII & SEBASTIEN DRUMSSnusGreen & Falkner Remix****House
201126AVICIIJailbaitJohn Course & Mr. Timothy Remix****Electro House
201610MADE IN JUNEIs This Real***Dance
201227STARCLUBBERSEl Sonido Latino***House
201147HAVANADance Like That***Vocal House
201138CAMILLE JONESBetter Forget ft. The House KeepersDJ Umile Remode***Vocal House
201137KILLAQUEENZDouble Up ft. Lady Chann***Electro House
201135GAUZZ FT THORAWalking Down Madison***Vocal House
201610JDAKK & FRENCHYInfinityOther


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