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Housesession Records

Releases in Chart
Year Week Artist Song Remix Ranking Genre
201229DJ FIST, RIO DELA DUNAThe Night Goes OnCosmic Funk Remix*****Vocal House
201210ALEX DEL AMOQabala Rules*****House
20124ALEX DEL AMOQabala Rules*****House
201148DJ FIST & RIO DELA DUNAPotenteFrankox Remix*****House
201145PIET PULANIJonzi*****House
201143TIM NICEFair GroundSluttering Munx Remix*****House
201143JP CHRONICMama's For Real*****House
201142JONATHAN ULYSSES/O. LANGIt's Time ft. Steve Haines*****House
201142TIFF & TRASHKIDAin't Good*****House
201137ANDREAS CABRERASunrise*****House
201137TONY ROMERA/JORDAN VIVIANTBaby Work It OutKim Myers Remix*****House
201134MATTY MENCK & TERRI B!SkyNari & Milani Remix*****Vocal House
201134MARTIN VILLENEUVEHeart Beat*****House
201134TOM WAX & ALEX STADLERWelcome BackBoogie Pimps Remix*****House
201133TOM WAX & ALEX STADLERWelcome BackBoogie Pimps Remix*****House
201130SEBASTIAN KRIEG & STROBETwist In My Sobriety*****House
201129LE DAAN, TRES AMICITech House TangoTujamo Remix*****Tech House
201610PAUL JOCKEYLet's Stay Together****Techno
20166DJ SIGN & TUNE BROTHERSAin't Waitin' ft. AM2PM****Vocal House
201227PETER BROWNThe Movement ft. Jonathan Ulysses****House
201216WAWACrazy Sax 2.0Mazai & Fomin Remix****House
201216CHAD MYERSNightwork****Trance
201216MUZIKFABRIK FT GOSHATouch The SkyMike Newman Remix****House
201212WAWACrazy Sax 2.0Mazai & Fomin Remix****House
201212IVAN PROJECT, FUNKY FRESHYou Make Me Feel So Good****House
201212IVAN PROJECT, FUNKY FRESHThe Right Way****House
201210LUCAS REYESFunkyThe Groove Guys Remix****Electro House
20124ALEX DEL AMORising To The Top****House
201150SWANKY TUNESWaves****House
201149NOPOPSTAR & STEVE KIDSan Francisco****House
201148JOSHA & ROMEEBe Ya****House
201147DAN LEMURMoving To This Track****Electro House
201147DAN LEMURLove On Me****Electro House
201147DAN LEMURIt Makes Me Happy****Vocal House
201147DAN LEMURHard Floor****Electro House
201147DAN LEMURFind Some Love Tonight****House
201147DAN LEMURDown To Basic****Electro House
201147AGENT GREG & TERRI B!Time Won't Wait****Electro House
201146DANY COHIBAThe Real Orgasm****House
201146DANY COHIBAHow Many Records****House
201145MASTEROUTRemode****Electro House
201143JP CHRONICNight Walk On The Beach****House
201143JP CHRONICDrumming Y'Al****Electro House
201143JP CHRONICBurning Man****Electro House
201143DANIEL STRAUSSGoldrausch****House
201142MIDNITE SLEAZELose Control****Electro House
201142ANDRES CABRERASunrise****House
201142TUNE BROTHERSPlay A Little ft. Alec Sun Drae****Vocal House
201142TIFF & TRASHKIDTrumpet****House
201138TUNE BROTHERSPlay A Little ft. Alec Sun Drae****Vocal House
201137DAN LEMURMonster****Electro House
201136DAVE KURTISAvusadora****House
201136ABA & SIMONSENDrama ft. Alexander Brown****Electro House
201135JASON CHANCELip Deep****House
201135DJ FISTCarnaval****House
201135VLADIMIR CORBINFree Your MindPiet Pulaini Remix****House
201134TYRON DIXON FT MIAMI INCDon't Let Love DownNiels van Gogh & Daniel Strauss Remix****Vocal House
201134TUNE BROTHERSPlay A Little ft. Alec Sun Drae****Vocal House
201134BOOGIE PIMPS/DARRYL PANDYKnockingTune Brothers Alert Mix****Other
201134JASON CHANCELip Deep****House
201134FRANCESCO GOMEZI Get No Sleep****Vocal House
201134ETIENNE OZBORNEI Really Want To Say f. P. GriffithEdmond Dantes Remix****House
201134DJ IVAN ROUDYK & SHENAAphrodisiac****Vocal House
201133ETIENNE OZBORNEI Really Want To Say f. P. GriffithEdmond Dantes Remix****House
201132DJ IVAN ROUDYK & SHENAAphrodisiac****Vocal House
201132BOOGIE PIMPSChkChkOne****House
201132STEVE KIDMr. Pickels****House
201132STEVE KIDDisco Bear****Electro House
201131LUCAS REYES, SL CURTIZChangesPeter Brown Remix****House
201130TUNE BROTHERS & JOLLYHey****House
201130DAN LEMURMonster****Electro House
201130BIGGIGet Started****Electro House
201129TUNE BROTHERSHello Friday****Electro House
201129STEVE KIDDisco Bear****Electro House
201129DJ FISTCarnaval****House
201129AGENT GREG & TERRI B!Time Won't Wait****Electro House
201129ABA, SIMONSEN, A. BROWNDrama****Electro House
201129MATTHIAS RICHTERHello Everybody****House
201129MARTIN VILLENEUVEHere With Me****House
201129LUCAS REYES, SL CURTIZChangesPeter Brown Remix****House
20166MIAMI HOUSE PARTYNow That We're Here***Dance
20124RALPH GOODI Freak***Electro House
201149HOUSESHAKER, DJ NICOErazmia ft. Alexander***Vocal House
201148DJ MONXA & DJ TAMISHAThe U Code***Electro House
201146ERICK DECKSI Can Do That ft. Nessa Cali***Vocal House
201145CARLOS RUSSO FT NOEWonderlandJason Chance Licked Remix***Vocal House
201134MIAMI HUSSLERSEveryday ft. Thavy***Vocal House
201134DJ FISTChildren From Mali***House
201134CARLOS RUSSO FT NOEWonderlandJason Chance Licked Remix***Vocal House
201134BEN DELAY, TILL WESTShake It***House
201132BOOGIE PIMPSWave***Vocal House
201132BOOGIE PIMPSHalf Baker***House
201132BOOGIE PIMPSBrown Paper***House
201131MIAMI HUSSLERSEveryday ft. Thavy***Vocal House
201130DAN LEMURI Know You Want It***Vocal House
201130DAN LEMURI Just Wanna***Vocal House
201130DAN LEMURGet Down***Vocal House
201129ERICK DECKSI Can Do ThatPeter Brown Remix***House
201129DJ FISTYes, Colombia***Electro House
201129TUNE BROTHERS FT LETYBig Surprise***Vocal House
201129DJ FISTPotente***House
201129DJ FISTChildren From Mali***House
201129DAN LEMURMonsters***House
201129CARLOS RUSSO FT NOEWonderlandJason Chance Licked Remix***Vocal House
201129BOOGIE PIMPSWave***Vocal House
201129MATTHIAS RICHTERGooml***House
201129MATTHIAS RICHTERBumping***House
201129HOUSESHAKER, DJ NICOErazmia ft. Alexander***Vocal House
201610LEE STARKMy SunshineOther
201129FRANCESCO GOMEZI Get To SleepOther


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