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Releases in Chart
Year Week Artist Song Remix Ranking Genre
201216AFROJACKMontreal*****Electro House
201149DAVID JONES & ALEX KENJIEmotions ft. Aqua Diva*****Vocal House
201148STARKILLERS, PIMP ROCKERSInsomniaJewelz Remix*****House
201146STARKILLERS, PIMP ROCKERSInsomniaJewelz Remix*****House
201146SHARAM JEY/SOUNDZ FRESHLet's Get It On*****House
201144SANDER VAN DOORNDrink To Get Drunk*****Trance
201142CLOKXCatch Your Fall*****Vocal Trance
201141SANDER VAN DOORNKoko*****Trance
201141SANDER VAN DOORNTimezone ft. Frederick*****Vocal Trance
201141JOHN DAHLBÄCKAre You Nervous*****Electro House
201137SANDER VAN DOORNKoko*****Trance
201137AFROJACK, DIMITRI VEGASThe Way We See The World*****Electro House
201131UMMET OZCANIndigo*****Trance
201131AFROJACK & BOBBY BURNSBridge*****Electro House
201131SANDER VAN DOORNKoko*****Trance
201216STARKILLERS & DIMITRY KODon't Hold Back****Electro House
20124JORGENSEN & JESSE VOORNLoserJorgensen Sky High Remix****House
20122JORDY LISHIOUSLast Night ft. Mitch Crown****Vocal House
201150SPENCER & HILL/NADIA ALIBelieve ItCazzette's Androids Sound Remix****Vocal House
201150MARUJA RETANARight Through Me****Vocal House
201149JORDY LISHIOUSLast Night ft. Mitch Crown****Vocal House
201149TOM NOVY/DANNY FREAKAZOIDCan You Dig It****House
201149SIDNEY SAMSONTomahawk ft. Ambush****Electro House
201149SHERMANOLOGYRing The Alarm****Electro House
201149HARDWELL & NICKY ROMEROBeta****Electro House
201149BART CLAESEENFantomah****Trance
201149MARUJA RETANARight Through Me****Vocal House
201149MARCUS SCHOSSOWSwedish Nights****House
201149JOSHUA KHANEBum Bum Bum ft. Meo****House
201145TAITO TIKARO, DAVID AMOSituation 2011 ft. Julio Navas****House
201144NICKY ROMERO & MITCH CROWSchizophrenicJohnstar Remix****Vocal House
201141SHARAM JEY/SOUNDZ FRESH1 Night****House
201141FILTERHEADZEverything Explained****House
201138RALPH GOODSOS ft. Polina Griffith****Vocal House
201138JAYDEEPlastic Dreams 2011 RemixesR3hab & Ferruccio Salvo Remix****Electro House
201137DADA LIFEFight Club Is Closed****Vocal House
201132FELIX DA HOUSECATZaman****House
201131SWANKY TUNESSkyquake****Electro House
201131SPENCER & HILLBeatrocka****Electro House
201131DADA LIFEFight Club Is Closed****Vocal House
201131BINGO PLAYERSLame BrainedStefano Noferini Remix****Electro House
201131SIDNEY SAMSONBlastedFerry Corsten Remix****House
201131MAC ZIMMSMy Feelings****Vocal House
201229AFROJACK & SHERMANOLOGYCan't Stop Me***Vocal House
201212KELE VS SANDER VAN DOORNWhat Did I Do ft. Lucy Taylor***Vocal Trance
201210AFROJACK & SHERMANOLOGYCan't Stop Me***Vocal House
201149SHARAM JEY/SOUNDZ FRESHLooking 4 Love***Vocal House
201149SERGIO FERNANDEZLullaby***House
201149NICK TERRANOVA & DIMA KShe Is Disco***House
201145AFROJACK & STEVE AOKINo Beef ft. Miss Palmer***Vocal House
201145R3HAB & SWANKY TUNESSending My Love ft. Max C***Electro House
201144AFROJACK & STEVE AOKINo Beef ft. Miss Palmer***Vocal House
201141STARKILLERS, DAVID SOLANOBottle Pop***Electro House
201141SANDER VAN DOORNReach Out***Electro House
201141R3HAB & SWANKY TUNESSending My Love ft. Max C***Electro House
201141AFROJACK & R3HABPrutataaa***Electro House
201131SWANKY TUNESOh Yeah***House
201131VIKTORIA METZKERSo Amazing ft. Mitch Crown**Dance
201149SWANKY TUNES/HARD ROCK SOI Wanna Be Your DogOther
201149PETER GELDERBLOMI Gotta Let U Go ft. DominicaOther
201141PATRIC LA FUNK & INPETTOBlizzardOther
201131AFROJACK VS TOCADISCOTequila SunriseElectro House


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